Image Collection, Early 1900's
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Image Collection - Early 1900's (1908 through the 1960's)

Welcome to my memory pages in remembrance of a historic loss to the community of Cape May. This page contains many images from the beginning near the turn of the century to the end near the end of the century. The first collection of images are from postcards, most from my personal collection. The last 2 images are from the Cape May Star & Wave. In order to maintain image quality, most images are about 30 to 60k in size, therefore, depending on your computer, may take up to a few minutes to fully load.

I hope you will take a moment to share a memory in the guestbook, a photograph, or a story about your relationship with the hotel.

You can purchase a Video entitled "Requiem for an Admiral" by following this link: (Click On Cape May Videos). I purchased a copy myself and it is a treasure for anyone connected with the hotel.

The Hotel Cape May, Circa 1908

The hotel opened in 1908. This early image indicates the apparent dirt roads that led to the hotel in the "newly developed" East Cape May.

Hotel Cape May, 1908


The Admiral Hotel (At Night), Circa 1933
This rare image of the hotel at night recently sold for over $10.00 at auction on ebay.

Admiral Hotel at Night, 1930's


The Admiral Hotel with Pool, Circa 1941
After serving as Army Hospital 11 during World War I and again as a navy rest and recreation center during World War II. This image was postmarked in 1941 after the hotel reopened as the Admiral Hotel.

Admiral Hotel and Pool, Cape May New Jersey, Vintage Postcard Image


The Admiral Hotel, Circa 1950

cadm1950.jpg (30004 bytes)


The Admiral Hotel (In The Distance), Circa 1955
This lovely linen postcard shows the Admiral Hotel standing proud in the distance beside the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Ocean, Beach & Hotel

The following 2 rare postcard images can also be found (with many others) in the book "Cape May in Vintage Postcards" available for purchase at better bookstores nationwide, or online.

Cape May In Postcards


Please be PATIENT as the following images load.  In order to maintain image quality, the files have not been compressed.

Beautiful Interior View - Please Be Patient as the Image Loads!

Hotel Cape May, Entrance Hall & Front Desk - Please Be Patient As Image Loads!

The End of an Era, A Loss to the World, February 1996

Failure on the part of local Cape May government officials and the NJ State Historical Society (and certainly key members of the local community), the hotel was demolished in 1996. NEVER will anything be built like it again.

A troubled hotel is put to rest...forever...

You can purchase a Video entitled "Requiem for an Admiral" by following this link: (Click On Cape May Videos). I purchased a copy myself and it is a treasure for anyone connected with the hotel.

Tuesday February 08, 2011 02:04 AM