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A collection of images (most captured from Postcards).  Many acquired for my personal collection, or recently sold.  Quite a cross-section of America from the early 1900's through the 1960's.

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  • Scranton, Pennsylvania, Club Row - Showing the Scranton Club, Elks Club & Masonic Temple - Great Image from the 1930's

  • Main Street Looking West at Night, Conneaut, Ohio 1930's or 1940's

  • Progressland at the 1964 New York World's Fair, Designed by Walt Disney; From a Time Magazine advertisement for General Electric

  • Boardwalk at Wildwood, New Jersey, Early 1900's

  • People at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - Rare Homemade Postcard, 1960's

  • The Thunderbird Motel, Bel Alton Maryland, 1960's - Currently an Apartment Building

  • Granville Ohio, Looking North-West from South-Side of Broadway

  • Y.M.C.A. Main Building & Boys Dormitory, South Bend, Indiana

  • Early 1900's Postcard - Lynn Avenue, Lakeside, Ohio (Published by C. S. Gould, Lakeside, Ohio.  Made in Germany.  #E 39)

  • 150 Room Downingtown Motor Inn, U.S. Route 30, Pennsylvania "100 Acre Setting on US Route 30 in Suburban Philadelphia ... Famous 1896 House Restaurant & Lounge ... Posturepedic Bedding" As Printed by the Sender: "God Bless the Turnpike"; A golf course was built on this site in 1966. As best I can determine, the motor inn is no longer in operation today.  The telephone number listed on the back now rings to the Downingtown Country Club.  I phoned and the kind staff person that answered indicated that some of the structure still stands today (modified or remodeled).   Here's their link:

  • Eagle Bluff, Fountain Cliff, Wisconsin (Real Photo PC)

  • 1902 - Oceanic Hotel and Cottages, Star Island, Isles of Shoals, NH.  A beautiful color postcard with an undivided back.  Copyright 1902, by Detroit Photographic Co.; #6027

  • Early 1900's - The Willows at Burlington Beach, Valparaiso, Indiana.  A relaxing image from long ago captures some folks in a canoe (I think) at Burlington Beach.  Elmer E. Starr, Publisher, Valparaiso, Ind.  Made in Germany. #58510

  • Avenue C, Miami, Florida (Undivided Back Postcard) - I have never been to Miami and I have no idea where "Avenue C" is, but based on this image, I would say it would have been a nice place to visit!  I see a bicycle, lady walking, an old car or buggy in the distance, some homes, maybe a hotel and some tents.  Copyright 1904 by Detroit Photographic Co. #8148

  • Palm Springs, California - 2 linen postcards feature: Smoke Trees and Verbanas, Mt. San Gorgonio in the Distance (a natural color reproduction from Kodachrome); "Many odd and beautiful combinations of desert flora occur near Palm Springs".  Copyright Stephen Willard.  #1B-H1531. Road Through The Desert, Near Palm Springs.  "To follow the mysterious windings of a desert road has a fascination for all.  Where will it lead us?"  Copyright Willard. #1A-H45

  • 1912  - "The Island", Lake Bomoseen, Proctor, Vermont.  A beautiful panoramic image captures the lake and homes of Proctor, Vermont.   The postcard was hand-dated May 11, 1912.  Published by The Leighton & Valentine Co., NY City; #212127

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