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Provincetown 2001

Note: This page is newly added to the site in February 2005, HOWEVER, this was written in late 2001 after a November 2001 visit to Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod.  At the time, I was partnered, so this writing refers to "us" and "our".  On the long web site to-do list, I have intentions of adding photo's and links to this page and as you will see, "finishing this piece".

Greetings!  Though it may not be Disney World (in many ways), our trip to Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod was still most enjoyable, relaxing and rejuvenating. 

As our reward for surviving our first year of Innkeeping, we treated ourselves to 4 days on the Cape - thanks largely in part to our dear friend who provided us with a place to stay a mere mile from the heart of the town.

When we told folks we were planning to visit in November, they said "November?  It's off-season, it will be so quiet."  To which we said, "Great, that's exactly what we're looking for!"  It was indeed quieter then one might find it in July or August, but as the weekend approached, shops reopened (with great sales we might add) and the streets became quite busy with cars and people.  Just the right amount of people we should add.  So, to say the least, we enjoyed our first vacation from Innkeeping! 

We thought it might be fun to share our 4 days of fun with you - many of whom vacation in P-Town when you're not visiting us in Vermont!  We hope you enjoy our review of our trip to Provincetown USA!

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon November 7.  This was by far the quietest day of the week as we ventured down to Commercial Street after checking out our pad for the week.

Friends had recommended "Michael Shea's", so this would be our first stop for dinner Wednesday evening.   To our surprise, we arrived in time to take advantage of the early bird offerings.   I enjoyed the Baked Stuffed Shrimp while Brent conquered the Prime Rib, done on the rare side I should say.  The food and service were good, although our server had far too many tables for great service.  For a good value, "Michael Shea's" is a good choice.

On Thursday, we stayed in for Breakfast taking advantage of our full kitchen.  Afterwards, we strolled along the beach for quite a long way, trying to make it to the light house on the tip of the beach.   We decided to retreat realizing we would have to make the same trek in reverse.   By the time we returned to town, lunch was in order.  We chose "Napi's", advertised as the most unique restaurant in Provincetown.  It did offer a unique atmosphere and some interesting creations on the menu, but as we would come to find, each restaurant in Provincetown offers something a little unique.  We particularly liked the cats used in "Napi's" advertising, so our choice here was certainly biased.  Our lunch was excellent!  We each tried one of their signature soups, Brent the Portuguese Soup and myself their homemade New England Clam Chowder.  Overall, an excellent dining experience.

After a day strolling through town and along our beachfront, we made plans for dinner.  Tonight we would select the "Muse".  We selected the "Muse" thanks to 2 of our guests, Marianne & Deanna who had their Civil Union at our Inn in August.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed the "Muse" special recipe "Sweet Potato Casserole", that Brent managed to get the recipe from the "Muse" and recreate it for their dinner at our Inn in Chester!  We arrived for our reservation and were promptly seated at a window with a great view of the bay - probably even greater by daylight!   To insure one of us had the famous "Sweet Potato Casserole", I order the Filet Mignon (because that's how I got the potatoes).  Brent went with a seafood specialty of the house.  Both dinners were excellent - and my Filet Mignon was by far the BEST I have had in years!  We shared a dessert and coffee to complete our meal.   This dining experience quickly ranked as our best thus far...

Friday morning came and it was time to indulge ourselves for breakfast as well - aren't vacations primarily for eating?  This morning, we chose "Bayside Betsy's" - they had a neat menu that we had seen the day before - and after all, like all our restaurant choices, many were based on an establishment being open!  It appeared we were the first to arrive.   Again, we got a bayside window seat.  Coffee was promptly served - it would turn out to be the best coffee of all our dining experiences thus far!  We must say neither "Michael Shea's" or the "Muse" would win any awards for their coffee.  So onto breakfast... Brent tried something unique, an omelet with all kinds of seafood stuff!  I went for the Banana Pancakes.  Both were very good and pretty unique.  Service was excellent. 

We moved on to shopping and strolling before realizing it was soon time for lunch!  We were recommended (twice) to try "Ross's Grill", so we did.  It's located on the second floor of the new "Whaler's Wharf" next to the "New Crown and Anchor".  Again, an "almost" bayside table.  I went for the basic's - an 8 ounce Angus burger.  Both of our meals were very good and service was equally sharp.  A very good recommendation for casual fare.

After lunch, we stopped by the "New Crown and Anchor" just to check out this large interesting hotel/club/bar/grill in the heart of town.  We stopped by the front desk and were pleasantly greeted by a gentleman who may have been the Innkeeper himself.  He showed us two of the rooms - gorgeous!  After our tour, we checked on reservations at the "Central House Bar & Grill" for Saturday night and were told they probably would not be necessary in the off-season.  So after some more strolling about and a quick nap, we watched "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (with Matt Damon) which we had rented Wednesday night with the intent to watch on Thursday.  After a movie break, we headed back to Commercial Street with no particular dinner ideas since we had a late, somewhat heavy lunch.  We decided to try the "Post Office Cafe".  Service was very good, but the food was nothing to write home about. 

The weekend was now upon us, so we decided to check out the local bars and clubs.  Our first stop, the "A-House".  Not exactly our cup of tea, and still early in the evening, we ventured over to the "Wave Video Lounge Bar", one of several bars located at the "New Crown & Anchor".

Well the rest of Friday and all of Saturday is yet to check back soon and we should have all the details finished soon - including our BEST dining experience at the Cape!!

2005 Note: I believe the best restaurant choice went to either the "Crown & Anchor", or "Mews".  Certainly the best club experience was at the "Paramount" part of the Crown & Anchor.


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