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As the Internet (notably Social Media) evolves at a rapid pace, maintaining a personal website continues to involve incredible amounts of time, of which we always seem to have less.  This page features access to various galleries including some hosted at Facebook (links below allow anyone to view the albums, even if you are not a Facebook user). In an effort not to post every photo ever taken on the likes of Facebook (or Twitter, Instagram, etc.), I still try to reserve some for my own site, for all to enjoy.  This area serves as a gateway to some of these newly formed galleries.  Surprise yourself and click a photo of interest below, or choose by category or description. All images are copyrighted to me.

Clarion Hotel East Windsor NJ Photo Gallery North St Paul Car Cruise, June 1 2012 FW Woolworth San Antonio Texas Trip A Minnesota Summer 2012 Folsom Street Fair and San Francisco 2012

Galleries Hosted @ drakkar91:

Urban Exploration...

The Campbell Inn Roscoe NY in the Catskills The Campbell Inn, Roscoe New York, in the Catskills (July 2014) - The century old hotel sits secluded in the Catskill Region of New York State.  Built in the very early 1900's, the hotel now sits unoccupied and vacant awaiting rebirth of the area.  It's survival is at best questionable, with most developers likely to choose demolition over restoration. But time will tell.  These images were captured during my personal exploration of the Inn (with permission to access the grounds). 

Miss Monticello Diner - Catskill Region Urban Exploration A Catskill Region Exploration in Liberty, Monticello and Roscoe New York (July 24, 2014) - I visited these 3 towns during a quest to explore the Campbell Inn of Roscoe (its' own album).  I captured these once grand American resort areas, and as you'll see they exist today in varying states of health.  What does the future for these and many other former Catskill resorts hold?  Until we start re-investing in America, I think we will see the continued deterioration of cities and towns throughout America. 

Beachwood Shopping Center, Bayville NJ Abandoned Beachwood Shopping Center, Bayville NJ (July 2012) - Once the "town center", this abandoned shopping center in Bayville NJ remains the center of controversy. In it's day, the center hosted everything residents needed - Woolworth's, Thrift Drugstore, Sears Appliance Store, Hardware & Lumber Store, Foodfair Grocery Store, a Barber Shop and Many More Stores.  As of July 2014, further decayed from the onslaught of Superstorm Sandy, the center still stands, expect where it has collapsed on itself.

Grainbelt Premium Sign, Minneapolis MN A Minnesota Summer 2012 - MN Renaissance Festival, State Fair & Urban Exploring - A mixed subject gallery featuring 2 annual Minnesota summer traditions mixed with artistic photography and images captured around the city of Minneapolis.

Travel & Events...

San Diego California, Shelter Island and Hotel Del Coronado - 40 plus images from my business/pleasure trip to the lovely city of San Diego. Photos include the Hotel Del Coronado, downtown San Diego and Shelter Island.

1st Car Cruise of 2012, North St Paul Minnesota - Each Friday evening from June to September, the town of North St Paul hosts a weekly classic car cruise. It's like an immediate trip back in time.

Trip To San Antonio Texas, June 2012 - I enjoyed this trip through thanks to the kind folks at Best Western for the work I do on one of my accounts.  I extended my stay by 2 days and explored this historic and unique city.

1987 RCA TV Receipt and Manual - Hysterical!

Friends & Family... 

Family and Friends - An eclectic mix of images, most from the 1990's, a few older, some newer!

The Cats - Just as it sounds, an early photo album featuring family cats.

The 2000's - Another early album style (to be updated), this is a wide assortment of friends and places from about 2004 to 2012.

Public Galleries Hosted @ My Personal Facebook Page (Facebook Account Not Required to View These Albums):

Seaside Heights New Jersey (June 2014) - Images captured early in the 2014 summer season along the boardwalk and around the towns of Seaside Heights & Seaside Park.

The Clarion Hotel Gallery - East Windsor NJ (1988 & 1989) - A collection of images from my time while working as Resident Manager at the hotel. It was one of those rare places of employment where the team truly was like an extended family. We keep talking of a reunion...

San Francisco 2012 and The Folsom Street Fair - A few images collected from another work trip extended for a few days of personal relaxation and exploration in San Francisco.

Cancun Mexico, January 2012 - Images from my first trip to Mexico.

Clarion Hotel East Windsor NJ Photo Gallery North St Paul Car Cruise, June 1 2012 FW Woolworth San Antonio Texas Trip A Minnesota Summer 2012 Folsom Street Fair and San Francisco 2012

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